At Sorbie Farm we welcome groups of all sizes and ages to meet the animals and visit our store. Experience firsthand the cautious curiosity of the alpaca and the gentle tickle as it accepts food from your hand or treats you to an “alpaca kiss.” Discover the distinctive and individual personalities of each animal. Learn more about their native country, about their relationship to llamas and camels, and about the qualities that stimulate a growing interest in raising them. Schedule a visit with us.



Freshly Sheared

From time to time we host events of public interest related to the animals, such as a shearing/fiber day featuring the dramatic transformation of the alpacas as they part with 4 to 8 pounds, or more, of bulky fleece. Announcements of such events will be posted here as they occur.

In addition our animals are available for participation in other public events, schedule and weather permitting.