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About Us

Life’s significant changes occur unexpectedly, growing from an unrelated event, taking root in an untapped opportunity. So it was with Sorbie Farm Alpacas. With 35 acres bordering Lake Anna, we were considering raising livestock as we left our working careers behind.


Our Introduction to Alpacas

Sorbie Farm Newborn

We saw our first alpacas at a Renaissance Fair hosted by a local winery.  Listening to the knowledgeable and very enthusiastic breeder, we became hooked.  We visited his farm and quickly developed a friendship with him and his wife.  We saw more of their animals and learned about the joys and challenges of raising them.  Just a few visits later we bought three animals as an anniversary gift to each other.  Thus, Sorbie Farm Alpacas was born -- even before a barn was built or land was fenced.

Raising alpacas connected John with his childhood experiences on a family farm and provided Sara a way to satisfy her “Grammy Fix”. What could be almost as cuddly and cute as a grandchild, you ask?  A baby alpaca with long skinny legs going in four different directions, a wee little face with huge dark eyes, long eyelashes and a bunny rabbit nose  --  that’s what!